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At EV for Sale, we’re all about sharing our passion for cars and the environment together. Simply put, we make it easy to search for your next electric vehicle and help you to make the right decision when deciding which car you should buy. With our comprehensive database from thousands of dealers, including private sellers from all over the country, we calculate our prices based on the market values and deliver eco-friendly car solutions across America and in Canada.

Founder and CEO Jacob Lochynski made it his mission to pursue his passion and expertise in automobiles, business, and nature to disrupt the traditional market and shift the auto industry to an eco-friendly emphasis.

Our Leadership

Jacob Lochynski: CEO/Founder

With 20 years of experience in leadership and management, for the last 12 years, Jacob has pursued his passion in automobiles while engaged in multiple projects in car sales and running the daily operations of dealerships. After recognizing a growing potential in electric vehicles, he joined the shift in automobile industry to bring both awareness and readily available vehicles to the masses.

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